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Virag Corporation was incorporated in the year 2009.

We have and always would bring you the best quality of dried Herbs, Spices and Seasonings from across the world.

We set the highest standards and “Aanya” truly reflects that! Customers appreciate our products and this has helped us to grow in India.

Our Motto is Service and fulfilling all our customers needs.

Virag Corporation believes that a sale is not an end of a relationship, but just a beginning of our services…

Our roadmap starts with our mission, “ADDING VAUES TO FOOD” which is enduring. It’s our purpose as a company to serve to the customer with the

best tasting, most nutritious in a wide range of Herbs, Spices and Seasonings.


Creating awareness for Healthy Herbs and adding values to food.


To grow with the taste of the foodies from all over the world.


Creating values and oneness with the world by bringing various food products of the world together in a basket.

FSSAI Licence Number: 11516010000354